Another Douchebag in Government, Lewiston Maine Mayor Robert McDonald

Here is another moron politician trying to attack the poor, trying to shame them, trying to do whatever he can do to keep them from getting any type of government assistance. You need to remember one thing dickhead the money they receive it’s going to be spent in your economy, the food stamps if they get them they will spend in your stores which employ the citizens who hopefully won’t vote for you next time. He sounds like a wannabe Governor  Scott Walker clone who wishes he will be asked to join the higher ranks of the Republican Party by running for some higher office on the platform of screw the poor. Have you noticed that about the more conservative Republicans it’s all about taking away public assistance from those who need it the most we’re talking about individuals who are in the highest income categories who pay the least amount of taxes yet resent the poorest of the poor from getting any type of help. We think God has a special place in hell for people like that. What this moron mayor wants to do is publicize the names and addresses and the amount of assistance and how much is paid in medical bills on every individual who gets public assistance , this is not a right to know about how tax dollars are spent this is some bullshit from  an individual who hates the poor and wants to shame them as a way to keep people from getting assistance. Below is a link to an article written about this moron.

Another Douchebag in Education This Time In Oklahoma! Or a victim of a misunderstanding?

Oklahoma Teacher Forces 4-Year-Old To Stop Writing With Left Hand Because It Is Considered “Evil”

We’re going to do a rewrite on the story were waiting to get information from the school district because they’re stating that the media is only showing half the letter and that it actually came from pediatric and it was simply a recital of the history of discrimination against left handed people. We understand the school teacher resigned today September 25th 2015, as soon as we get that report from the school district we will put a rewrite on this column. Since the school district has delayed sending the full article, but gave us the web site and the story title  here is a link to the full article that the district says the teacher Karie Neely gave to Zayde’s parents. We also discovered Ms. Neely’s husband is left-handed.

Was there doubt in the parents mind about what the dominate hand was? Why was the article given to the parent? Why did the teacher resign? Well the story went around the world, was the coverage fair? Was it fair that only the bad history about left-handed perceptions were publicized by the media? The article was in depth about child development and how hand dominance in early or late ages could be a sign of injury and needed further evaluation. Is that a bad thing to inform the parent about an article ftom a pediatrician written and put on a web site called We spoke to the school superintendent Tony Dean, he said that he wishes he can clear the air on this situation but because of FERPA laws relating to confidentiality of student records and such he was unable to comment.

220px-Alexander1256President_Barack_ObamaZayde did something evil this week in his class in Oakes Elementary in Okemah, Oklahoma. He wrote with his left-hand. That prompted a teacher to explain that the left hand was “bad” and should not be used. When his mother wrote to inquire, the teacher sent an article explaining how the left hand is associated with the devil and is deemed evil. Of course, a few left handers who seemed to do all right range from Alexander the Great to President Obama.

Rossetti Joan of ArcZayde is in Pre-K and learning to write. The teacher sent an article that explained how the left hand is deemed “unlucky,” “evil,” and “sinister.” It also noted that the devil is often portrayed as left-handed.” Indeed, while not mentioned in the article, historical figures like Joan of Arc were portrayed as left-handed to make them look more evil (though it is not clear which was her dominant hand).

Reporters were unable to speak with the Superintendent and the principal of Oakes Elementary would only say that she is aware of the situation and “hung up before we could ask any questions.”

Just for the record, here are a few of those left-handers in history:

Lloque Yapanqui Inca monarch
Ramses II, Egyptian pharaoh
Tiberius, Roman emperor
Alexander the Great
Charlemagne, Holy Roman emperor
Julius Caesar, Roman general
Napoléon Bonaparte, French emperor
Josephine de Beauharnais
King Louis XVI of France
Queen Victoria of England
King George II of England
King George VI of England
Prince Charles of England
Prince William of England
Fidel Castro, Cuban leader
Benjamin Franklin
James A. Garfield
Herbert Hoover
Harry S. Truman
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama


Check out jonathanturley’s site for insightful information like his above article.

Douchebags in Law Enforcement and Education, Oklahoma is quite a state!

Email the superintendent to be heard. here is their web site.

Call them 918-623-1874 be heard! Support this little guy! Push for an investigation not to burn the teacher, but to see what is really happening!

How the New York State Police Falsify Fingerprint Evidence

I first heard about this at a forensic conference. It was shocking, yeah it shocked the conscience and went beyond the utter bounds of human decency. What is to be said about those in charge of enforcing the law when they decide who should be found guilty and what they should be found guilty about. The individuals they targeted may have been criminals in the past or maybe shady individuals, but our Constitution requires that when you’re going to take away a person’s liberty or their life, you have to give them due process of law. Due process of law does not include falsifying the evidence so you can pin something on an individual whether they’re innocent or guilty. Manufacturing evidence is frightening. What is to be said about those who decide who should be found guilty and what they should be found guilty about?. Due process of law does not include planting evidence thinking your protecting society. When law enforcement does that we need protection from them. What they did was target individuals they didn’t like by taking their latent prints right there at the police station and then planting them on items found in a burglary or testifying that they took them off of items from the burglary. The way they were caught was one of the guys had an interview at the CIA and when asked how far he would go to protect this country he said hey in New York we plant evidence that incriminates people.

Why the Irving school district and the Texas Board of Education are a bunch of douchebags

We made principal Dan Cummings douchebag of the month concerning his horrible  treatment of an incredibly brilliant child.

Irving ISD Douchebag Central
Irving ISD Douchebag Central

He’s from the Irving Independent School District in Irving Texas, that name rang a bell with us and after a little bit of research we suddenly remembered why. One of the early US Supreme Court cases involving a child with special education needs was a result of the Irving Texas school district refusing to provide a very simple service to allow a special needs child to go to school. The case is Tatro v Irving Independent School District, here’s a link so you can read the information on the case.

A very brave hearing officer ruled that the school district must provide the needed services to little Amber Tatro. The Texas Board of Education came in and reversed their own hearing officer which of course required the Tatro’s to take the case to district court. It’s amazing the friend of the court briefs that were filed in this case, the Texas superintendents organization the Texas School Board Association they all fought  to prevent this wonderful child from going to school by denying a very simple procedure that can be done by anyone. When asked this question in court who can do it, attorney  Reed Martin said it’s so simple even a lawyer can do it.

What a bunch of douchebags, this is why we said before that Texas is full of douchebags,but they go to incredible lengths to be douchebags in Texas. By design innocent children needed services to be allowed to attend school. The douchebags of Texas still fight against these children.

The douchebag nights are big and bright  Deep in the heart of Texas
The douchebag sky is wide and high
Deep in the heart of Texas

Texas Education, the land of douchebags and douchebaggery.

The kind of letter that gets your child with special needs the Educational Services that they deserve!

A Gebser letter is the most powerful letter you will ever write on behalf of your child and their ability to get a free and appropriate public education. The formula for the Gebser letter comes from US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in the Gebser case. They spelled out that unless the school district has actual knowledge of something going on you can’t get damages from them so in keeping with that US Supreme Court case special education lawyers like Reed Martin have interpreted the case and have come up with a cookbook formula for parents to utilize so that they can get the services that your child deserves.

The following are 10 suggested steps to follow when parents choose to write a “Gebser letter” to the School District (These are taken from the late attorney Reed Martin’s “10 steps to making a successful complaint”).

  1. In writing, address the notification to a specific person and date the letter.
  2. Write the letter to a person who has the authority to investigate and the authority to correct the wrong.
  3. Note that the school district is a recipient of federal financial assistance.
  4. State the past or continuing discriminatory activity against your child.
  5. State that the school district has control over both the site of the discrimination and over any school personnel involved.
  6. Explain that the discrimination was not a single act but was severe and pervasive.
  7. Tell how the discrimination excluded your child from continued participation in school or denied your child the benefits to which other students in school have access.
  8. Explain, as well as you can, what you would like the school to do to stop the discrimination or to remediate the harm the discrimination has done to your child.
  9. Ask for a copy of a school district grievance procedure under Section 504 (even if your child has an IEP under IDEA). Not having this information may result in continued discrimination.
  10. State that if the person receiving this letter does not investigate or does not take effective corrective action, that you may claim that the district showed deliberate indifference to the discrimination. You may also want to add a date you expect to hear back from the district in regards to your letter.

You also want to request in your letter that they send a copy of the documents that they swear to in writing and send to the Department of Education that they are in compliance with all federal laws.

You need to overcome the legal hurdle of deliberate indifference and properly done this letter will do so. The end point is to get the services you need. Keep the letter detailed so there is no wiggle room for the school district.

Who is Jessica Brown? A Texas A&M goodie two shoes or….a commie?

Jessica Brown the public information officer for OSBI is a professional bull shit artist, you know a has been TV reporter. You know she’s bad after all she did time in TV in Texarkana. But when it comes to scandal at OSBI it seems Miss Brown was in the thick of it, she’s listed on the tax returns as president of Friends of OSBI she claims her job description requires her to spend 10% of her job duties with this organization. Any employment description under state government that requires you to get paid to do something for a non-profit that benefits your employer is probably illegal. I thought reporters took courses in ethics and things like that and knew about conflicts of interest, as such Brown took those conflicts of interest and threw them out the window. Yeah she was involved in the cruise boat scandal where the routine of twisting elbows and forcing people to give up donations for the Friends of OSBI and what are the Friends of OSBI? It’s nothing more than a way to wash tax dollars and contributions and put OSBI investigators and staff members on cruises to places like Cancun. I’m just waiting for the stories to break about how this organization paid for strippers for the legislators, or perhaps we’ll hear some sort of press release from OSBI attorney Jimmy Bunn that is if he’s not too drunk to come into work. I figure anybody that has his name permanently put on a bar stool at various watering holes probably drinks quite a bit and I’m wondering if OSBI gets him out of DUI’s and things like that.  You know if you got a drinking problem you probably shouldn’t publicize it but you should get help Jimmy Bunn. As to the Texas A&M goodie two shoes remark, Texas A&M is were good virgin girls go to college, but when they become commies! My God!

Jimmy Bunn@jimmybunnjr May 19

Favorite pub , has put my name on a barstool. I’ve officially become “Norm from Cheers”

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Jimmy Bunn@jimmybunnjr Aug 24

But what about the top dog? That guy Florence, did he clean house? Nope. He ignored it, whats a little graft among friends and coworkers?

Properly, permanently attached. Only took us 8 months. Everybody should be here for ArsvLFV right now

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How does that make Jessica Brown a Commie? Well a commie is defined as a subversive, so what’s a subversive?
A subversive tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.
So when you hide scandal you subvert the truth,undermine government and screw up the belief you got our back, your a dirty commie.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations rejection rate of nurses fingerprint cards is worse than we thought!

September 16th. 2015 The Public Safety committee met and talked about fingerprints. The executive director of the Oklahoma State Nursing Board Kim Glazier testified that the rejection rate for nursing applicants stands at 32% for fingerprint cards and 7% for digitally scanned fingerprints. The state seems to think changing vendors is the answer. Most of the fingerprint cards that were rejectioned were not done by the vendor, but by other law enforcement agencies. OSBI refuses to respond to why they have the highest rejection rate in the country. Something is going on, like a cover up.

Meet OSBI Criminalists

Wendy Duke
Wendy Duke
Garry Metcalfe

They don’t look that dangerous. But they are the silent force behind incarceration and freedom. If they do their job right, the guilty get convicted and the innocent set free. But when they screw up lives are destroyed exponentially.  So they have to be the ultimate professionals.

Joseph Orrcutt
Joseph Orrcutt

But what happens when they are less than professional? We can look at Joyce Gilchrist of the Oklahoma City Police Crime Lab. 20 years of lies, 3000 cases. 11 executions. So far numerous death row convictions reversed. Lives destroyed and the real criminals free.

Murial Correa
Murial Correa

Could they be like pedophile priests?  The bad ones sent away with glowing recommendations to work with other law enforcement agencies? I mean if their incompetence was ever known think of all those cases reversed on appeal.  The embarrassment would be too great for the political prosecutors.

Misty Hix
Misty Hix

Were not saying these Criminalists are incompetent. But you need to be able to put a face to them and know they are human and they can make mistakes. But are they professional enough to admit it when it happens?

Robert Weston
Robert Weston
Matthew Stillwell

But why the high number of fingerprint rejections? No one is talking. All we need is an email telling us the truth. Oklahoma has a good press shield law, we cannot be compelled to reveal a source. The one thing our investigation reveals is that former

Amanda Gilson
Amanda Gilson
Jerry Carter
Jerry Carter
Joyce Gilchrist
Joyce Gilchrist
Joyce Gilchrist 1999
Joyce Gilchrist

crimianalist Joyce Gilchrist had all the signs of a sociopath, the thing that alows real criminals the ability to act with such depraved indifference.  A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals. Sociopaths can be dangerous at worst or simply very difficult to deal with, and it’s important to know if you’ve found yourself with a sociopath, whether it’s someone you’re dating or an impossible coworker. If you want to know how to spot a sociopath, then you have to pay careful attention to what the person says or does. Sociopaths are perfectly comfortable going through their lives telling a series of lies. In fact, true sociopaths are uncomfortable when they are telling the truth. If they are finally caught in a lie, then they will continue to lie and backpedal to cover up the lies. Wow that sounds like Gilchrist even to the end, like prior to her death, she had no remorse, nothing to apologize for, in her words. Let their be no mistake Gilchrist was a liar and sent innocent people to death row and 11 were executed. What was in the mind of the innocent just before being put to death?  Knowing they would die and knowing they did nothing wrong. Gilchrist was never prosecuted. OSBI knew she was a liar and they did nothing.

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