Who is Jessica Brown? A Texas A&M goodie two shoes or….a commie?

Jessica Brown the public information officer for OSBI is a professional bull shit artist, you know a has been TV reporter. You know she’s bad after all she did time in TV in Texarkana. But when it comes to scandal at OSBI it seems Miss Brown was in the thick of it, she’s listed on the tax returns as president of Friends of OSBI she claims her job description requires her to spend 10% of her job duties with this organization. Any employment description under state government that requires you to get paid to do something for a non-profit that benefits your employer is probably illegal. I thought reporters took courses in ethics and things like that and knew about conflicts of interest, as such Brown took those conflicts of interest and threw them out the window. Yeah she was involved in the cruise boat scandal where the routine of twisting elbows and forcing people to give up donations for the Friends of OSBI and what are the Friends of OSBI? It’s nothing more than a way to wash tax dollars and contributions and put OSBI investigators and staff members on cruises to places like Cancun. I’m just waiting for the stories to break about how this organization paid for strippers for the legislators, or perhaps we’ll hear some sort of press release from OSBI attorney Jimmy Bunn that is if he’s not too drunk to come into work. I figure anybody that has his name permanently put on a bar stool at various watering holes probably drinks quite a bit and I’m wondering if OSBI gets him out of DUI’s and things like that.  You know if you got a drinking problem you probably shouldn’t publicize it but you should get help Jimmy Bunn. As to the Texas A&M goodie two shoes remark, Texas A&M is were good virgin girls go to college, but when they become commies! My God!

Jimmy Bunn@jimmybunnjr May 19

Favorite pub , has put my name on a barstool. I’ve officially become “Norm from Cheers”

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Jimmy Bunn@jimmybunnjr Aug 24

But what about the top dog? That guy Florence, did he clean house? Nope. He ignored it, whats a little graft among friends and coworkers?

Properly, permanently attached. Only took us 8 months. Everybody should be here for ArsvLFV right now

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How does that make Jessica Brown a Commie? Well a commie is defined as a subversive, so what’s a subversive?
A subversive tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.
So when you hide scandal you subvert the truth,undermine government and screw up the belief you got our back, your a dirty commie.

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