Why the Irving school district and the Texas Board of Education are a bunch of douchebags

We made principal Dan Cummings douchebag of the month concerning his horrible  treatment of an incredibly brilliant child.

Irving ISD Douchebag Central
Irving ISD Douchebag Central

He’s from the Irving Independent School District in Irving Texas, that name rang a bell with us and after a little bit of research we suddenly remembered why. One of the early US Supreme Court cases involving a child with special education needs was a result of the Irving Texas school district refusing to provide a very simple service to allow a special needs child to go to school. The case is Tatro v Irving Independent School District, here’s a link so you can read the information on the case.


A very brave hearing officer ruled that the school district must provide the needed services to little Amber Tatro. The Texas Board of Education came in and reversed their own hearing officer which of course required the Tatro’s to take the case to district court. It’s amazing the friend of the court briefs that were filed in this case, the Texas superintendents organization the Texas School Board Association they all fought  to prevent this wonderful child from going to school by denying a very simple procedure that can be done by anyone. When asked this question in court who can do it, attorney  Reed Martin said it’s so simple even a lawyer can do it.

What a bunch of douchebags, this is why we said before that Texas is full of douchebags,but they go to incredible lengths to be douchebags in Texas. By design innocent children needed services to be allowed to attend school. The douchebags of Texas still fight against these children.

The douchebag nights are big and bright  Deep in the heart of Texas
The douchebag sky is wide and high
Deep in the heart of Texas

Texas Education, the land of douchebags and douchebaggery.

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